Love/Hate…all is one


Yes, like many others, I have been outraged and horrified at the brutality and violence that continues to be perpetrated in the name of God…

Extremism and fundamentalism – twin horrors that have emerged from the human psyche…the religious impulse is part of an overall programming mechanism to prepare humanity on its journey of spiritual-self discovery and actualisation…the shadow-self nature of spirit is an innate aspect of our carefully chosen human experience and it is embedded deep within our akashic code…a vestigial link to the dark side of god which strives to resolve its own issues of self-actualisation and self-doubt and until we – as a race of beings, embrace our intrinsic, inborn spiritual perfection, until we have outgrown the need for religious expression and identity or spiritual discrimination of any kind – these dark aspects of our nature will continue to vie for control and abhorrent, de-humanizing fundamentalist movements such as Sharia Law or the trailer-trash white supremacy thugs will maintain their hold over our ignorance and superstition…

Yet even the so-called “New Age” movements are rife with dogma and doctrine, disinformation and a plethora of “do’s and don’ts” that specify to us who and what is “spiritual” and who and what is not…that dictate certain pathways which must be followed if we are to become “spiritual” or “enlightened” or “perfect”…that preach their version of the “only way” –  whether it be vegetarianism, yoga, meditation, chanting, “right thinking;” far too many workshops and books on “How to Be Spiritual” (imagine reading a book on “How to Be Human!”…or paying thousands of dollars to learn how! Absurd, right?)..or that embrace the warm and fuzzies with puppy posters and a “love is the answer to everything ” credo as some universal panacea for the afflictions of Self and Soul…and a host of other paradigms, proscriptions and prescriptions that doom us to a thousand years of reincarnation before we become eligible for so-called spiritual rewards…or that set standards that, frankly, we being rife with human frailties as is as our natural disposition, are almost impossible to live up to, condemning us to never being able to achieve this elusive “spiritual” – (certainly not in this lifetime)…

Whilst all these modalities and practices are undeniably invigorating and rejuvenating for mind, body, emotions and Ego, they have no actual impact on our individual “spirituality” or spiritual development (other than what we believe them to have)…because by very definition of our existence we are inherently spiritual, like the minute strands of DNA inside us all are inherently human…yet we accept and are guided by voices that admonish us to meet an endless list of criteria and dictated “ways of being” which, if we cannot, we are told we are imperfect and need to spiritually “grow” or we are “young souls just starting out” and so many other discriminatory determinates, when all we ever need is to be…just be…who we are, what we are…as we are…

And, as hard to swallow as it may be, even vile hate mongers are following their true, spiritual paths as facets of the Infinite Cosmic Light Being, as perfect aspects of this perfect god we so revere…and in the end…we always come back to the same faithful old cliche that…All Is One (and it doesn’t mean you have to accept or buy into anything or not strive to change anything…just be who you are and do what you do..that is enough).

Who was it that said: “If you cannot see the Buddha in everything, you see the Buddha in nothing!”?

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