The Infinite Fractal

god as architect

MAN, MYTH and the MANDELBROT  This 13th Century illuminated image of God, depicts him as the “Geometer” of the Universe. Click on the image and look carefully at the cosmic objects within the blue field. Does it seem oddly familiar?

“The composite below, shows God the Geometer, building the world. The painting, which appears in the Codex Vindobonensis 255483, dates back to mid-13th Century. The detail of the world as depicted by the artist has an uncanny resemblance to another seed  of  creation;  the Mandelbrot Set.”

Has the artist intuited from the collective consciousness – which itself is not restricted by linear time, the existence of this mathematical virtual dimension which was to be discovered some eight hundred years later using advanced technology and quantum mathematics?   And the cosmic bodies within the blue energy field…are they drawn as spherical shapes emerging from the darkness of the time before creation, the amorphous black mass of the No-thing, the Void Absolute? Or are they drawn as cosmic bodies imploding as they are being crushed by the immense forces of a Black Hole that appears as a tear in the fabric of the Continuum?                                                                                                                                                         

And what of that amorphous mass which we  now know contains the 


infinitely repeating iterations of the Mandelbrot Set? Has this 13th Century visionary working on an inspired illumination received images from a metaphysical dimension depicting not only the collapse of a massive blackhole, but the signature bulbous mass of a classic Fractal system? What other iconic sacred images can we discover that link the spiritual journey of Mankind to fractals?

“Contained within the infinite depths and variety of the fractal can be found the recurring and startling motifs of some of the most powerful and iconic images of the Human spiritual paradigm: the Halo, the fat Buddha; the thousand-armed Buddha; the Mosque; the Gnostic and Celtic Cross; the Pentacle; amazing images of the Chinese mythological dragon and the complex and breathtaking beauty of the Mandala. All of which have played a definitive role in the ascendancy of human spiritual awareness.”  The Ancients…all along…they knew.

View this link for an extraordinary experience of the fractal as a gateway to Infinity:—Thumb_Print_of_God.html