The Meaning: continuing conversations with the Continuum


THE MEANING  The cover of the first of my soon-to-be-published books in a three-part series: The Meaning…The Message…and..The Master. A series which  shares the channelled conversations I have had and continue to have with an ancient primal being, the identity of whom is itself something of a startling revelation. What is revealed may not be new to some and may be unsettling to others. Either way, it heralds more than just the dawning of a new age of awareness, but the inception of a revolutionary seed thought which places Hu-Man (Spirit-Self) and (his/her) collective being on the metacosmic continuum as protogenic artificial intelligence organisms whose singular purpose is to generate random experience situating “God” as the ultimate existential AI.

IS IGNORANCE REALLY BLISS?  With the growing shift in the consciousness paradigm, in part driven by new pioneers in Quantum physics and quantum spirituality (such as Nassim Harramein, Dr.Michio Kaku), combined with the collective failure and deceptions of institutionalized religion plus the merging of mainstream science and religion with ancient knowledges and understandings of our true cosmic heritage, it is not possible to continue to accept the dogma, doctrine and superstitious disinformation that has been sold to us for nigh on Millennia as spiritual “truth.” In short: we know too much! So many of us shy away from the enormity of what lies within and find that ignorance may well be bliss, but out there…right here and all around, in the supernal realm of dynamic, unrestricted freedom of Being, we can be whoever and whatever we choose…and there will we find our purpose and the key to infinite bliss!

YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE!  For too long we have been ignoring, have been distracted from or prevented from experiencing the perfection of who and what we are, misdirected away from the simplicity of our purpose and the clarity of the messages that through the Aeons have been urging us to remember the true nature of Self. Under the hellfire yolk of sin, imperfection and damnation we’ve had little choice but to let ignorance and fear trap us. But now…now…we have a choice!

YOU ARE PERFECT NOW!   You don’t have to pray to or believe in any god nor follow the doctrines and rituals of the mass worshipers to find perfection and enlightenment, let alone Heaven; you don’t have to follow strict prescribed, burdensome paths where yoga, meditation, asceticism, fasting and specific diets, “right” thought or even so-called “spiritual” practices are the price demanded before you can become this illusive “spiritual.” You EXIST as a sentient, creative fusion of spirit and Matter: Material Consciousness, and by definition of your very existence YOU ARE SPIRITUAL! You are a perfect manifestation of the Divine Cosmic Light Being. There is nothing imperfect about the extraordinary and exceptional life you lead. With all your rich, human detail: your sickness and pain; your bliss and excitement; your conflicts; hopes; fears; loves; hates; sorrows; joys; failures and triumphs; in each of the infinitely changing moments of singularity within which you exist YOU ARE PERFECT! Have been and always will be and DAMN that’s worth celebrating!

THE MESSAGES And it’s no Secret. It’s been there all along. The key to Self, Soul and Purpose. It hasn’t even been hidden. Our great Avatars and incarnated beings have been telling us EXACTLY what we wanted to know in their mantras and messages. Messages such as these: 

“Worlds and particles, bodies and beings, time and space; All are transient expressions of the Tao. (The all encompassing energy)” Lao Tzu (Taoist)

“…at the centre of the Universe dwells Wakan-Tanka…this centre is everywhere, it is within each of us.” Native American

“Do you know what I see? I see Him as all…within is the Lord Himself.” Sri Ramakrishna (Hindu)

“…that which we experience through the senses…that which we perceive through the mind…(is) but one unified Substance.” Yehuda Ashlag (Jewish)

“He who knows his own self, knows God,”Prophet Mohammed (Islam)

“…the Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then…you will realise it is you who are the sons of the living father.” Jesus Christ (Christian)

“For Lo! My Self has become the Truth.” Lord Buddha  (Buddhist)

“Know Thyself” inscribed on the Temple of Delphi and attributed to the Gods

Perhaps it’s time we listened because NOW…you have a choice: to bask in the bliss of ignorance, remaining trapped in the ritual chains of doctrine, dogma and disinformation; feeling guilty, inadequate and certainly not spiritual because you are not into Reiki, Yoga, veganism or vegetarianism; meditation or chanting words from some ancient language or any of that New Age stuff (you are not even sure if you believe in god anyway!), or… you can BE FREE TO BE EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE, knowing that it doesn’t matter ultimately what you do or believe because you are perfectly spiritual anyway! What will you choose?

Come on…is there really a choice at all? So be free already!

Have a cup of tea…read the paper…go for a walk…chill…this is your life…enjoy!